Monday, April 25, 2011

I had the pleasure of spending Winter 2011 in St Augustine, Florida - Our nation's oldest city!  This enchanting town was settled in the 1500s by the Spanish, and has an amazing historical society which has kept it pristine.  Sitting on a lovely, dolphin filled bay, just inside the Atlantic, the town is a haven for the romantic - cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, the Fountain of Youth park, and gorgeous beaches nearby, truly something for everyone!

One of the many attractions to the town is the Castillo De San Marco.  A day doesn't go by where a Photographer can't be seen capturing the beauty of this 300+ year old Spanish Fort.  I snapped this photo of a Bride & Groom setting up to have their wedding photos by the fort:

The nature of any small town is that word travels fast - The good fortune of this virtue is that I got the "low - down" on everything & everyone instantly!  I was quickly introduced to a wonderful Photographer who not only has a great eye, but a great personality too!  Rave reviews came from every one about this one, here's the scoop:

Taylor DeMaio, Photographer for  Daisy Mai Photography in Jacksonville, Florida ( Within an hour - North - of St. Augustine ) is an Italian from Long Island.  Taylor ( says with a smile ) " Socializing is not an issue   I feel like I am building lots of great friendships through photography, especially with my brides!! "

Kira:  What sets you apart?

 Taylor:   One thing that I would definitely say sets me apart, is I don't pose and instruct....I direct. I always want to make sure that I capture the interaction and love between each couple. I HATE posed pictures where you can just see the discomfort in the faces of the subjects, yuck!  I try to get couples to laugh, it lightens the mood and brings out genuine smiles.

Shot on St Augustine's Vilano Beach

Taylor:  I would have to say my favorite location to date was an alley in downtown Jacksonville Florida.  I was doing an engagement session and at the very end we stumbled across this AWESOME spot, It was "picture perfect".  I always like to look back at that session for inspiration! 

Couples can often be nervous about being photographed.  I asked Taylor what advice she'd give them: 

Taylor:  For their wedding day, Take a shot!....Heck take two shots and have a big glass of champagne!  For pictures and poses, PRACTICE YOUR FACES AND EXPRESSION IN THE MIRROR!  I often see pictures of myself and think "wow I pictured myself looking much prettier making that face". It is best to always know what the appropriate smile level is (no veins bulging) and how to look serious without looking angry. In fact, I should start bringing mirrors so my couples can actually see what they look like! :)

The next time you"re in NE Florida and need a Photographer for fashion, baby, wedding, etc, book Taylor DeMaio through Daisy Mai Photography 

Written by Kira for Smart and Chic Bride.

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