Monday, May 2, 2011

BYOM 101: Bring Your Own Makeup Class!

For everyone who has a makeup bag with products you bought , yet never use, this class is a dream come true!  Hosted at the Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge in NE Minneapolis, the "BYOM" class is an educational adventure through your own makeup up bag, in the safety of a group!  You will learn which products are "must -haves" and, how to use the ones you loved in the store, but haven't trusted  yourself with at home - You may even throw some out - like the 10 year old turquoise eyeshadow that came in with a quad you thought you might use... "some day!"

The last group had an amazing aha moment:  a great website: was introduced - This is a site for getting samples of high end products, as well as instruction on how to use them for just $10 a month!

The BYOM class is fun!  It will teach you about skin care, makeup, and how to be good to yourself!  The open forum allows participants to discuss challenges without feeling insecure.  You may even walk away with a new friend!  Watch for up coming classes on our facebook fan page:

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