Sunday, June 19, 2011

Look Who Just Flew Into Minneapolis!

The owner's of Bluebird Photobooth had a vision: to create a photo booth as a beautiful piece of furniture to look as though it was intentionally chosen or created for each event.  In their vision the booth should compliment the well thought out details of the wedding decor.  

Every detail of your wedding has been EXTREMELY well researched and planned... why shouldn't your photo booth be?  Unless you are having a carnival themed party, the booth doesn't have to look like it is a carnival item in the corner next to the shabby chic table settings or the elegant victorian setting or the delicate Spanish flags!

Bluebird Photobooth is a photo booth company split between Central California & Minnesota.  The owners are a husband and wife team who love photography and its ability to capture the real person in a real moment.  The photo booth is a perfect way to break the barriers down and allow couples, friends and family members to have fun together and let the truth of themselves be recorded at the same time.

The smiles and expressions captured in a photo booth are truly one of a kind... and so is the Bluebird Photobooth!
****All Smart and Chic Brides receive 50% off (subject to availability).*****

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